NABOTA NMC 大師課程 x 艾瑞辛醫美診所

NABOTA NMC 大師課程活動是 DaewoongPharmaceutical 大熊製藥的旗艦級全球教育計劃,專為世界各地的皮膚科醫生、整形外科醫生和美容從業者量身定制。

透過為全球醫生提供差異化的 NABOTA 注射技術方法來豐富他們對 NABOTA 的了解,進而促進NABOTA全球市場的品牌成長。 活動亮點包含肉毒工廠參觀 韓國當地診所的hands on訓練 、NABOTA肉毒知識以及臨床試驗的專題演講..等 ,在這幾天的行程中 透過各種活動交流,醫師們都獲取豐富的產品知識並且在NABOTA十周年晚宴中與全球專業領域人士交流,活動意義非凡。 醫師們此行收穫豐富,期許台灣醫美市場精益求精。

NMC Highlightsstands as DaewoongPharmaceutical ’s flagship global education program, tailored for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic practitioners worldwide.

Our primary goal is to enrich our global doctors' understanding of NABOTA byproviding them with a differentiated approach to NABOTA injection techniques, all aimed at catalyzing sales growth and expanding market presence.

彩虹肉毒 Botulinum toxin


《NABOTA娜柏塔肉毒》為韓國知名製藥大廠「大熊製藥」出產的肉毒桿菌素,在2019年成為率先通過美國 FDA 安全認證的亞洲肉毒(美國產品名稱為「Jeuveau」),陸續發表50、200、100單位之產品,由於不同規格的產品代表顏色皆不相同,故在韓國又被俗稱為「彩虹肉毒」;擁有美國FDA、歐盟EMA、台灣TFDA等認證。衛部菌疫輸字第001134號

“NABOTA” is the botulinum toxin produced by the well-known Korean pharmaceutical company “Daewoong Pharmaceutical”. The 100-unit product is commonly known as “Rainbow Botox” in Korea because different specifications of the product represent different colors. It has certifications from the US FDA, EU EMA, and Taiwan TFDA. Ministry of Health Bacterial Epidemic Input No. 001134

認識《NABOTA娜柏塔》肉毒 Meet “NABOTA”

韓國《NABOTA娜柏塔肉毒》中文全名是「娜柏塔注射劑」,坊間又有人俗稱彩虹肉毒,是率先通過美國FDA安全認證的亞洲肉毒品牌(美國產品名稱為「Jeuveau」),台灣則於 2021年由衛福部核准上市,優點為韓國製造,更適合亞洲人。

The full Chinese name of South Korea’s “NABOTA” is “Nabota Injection”, and it is also commonly known as Rainbow Botox in the market. Approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it has the advantage of being made in Korea and is more suitable for Asians.

NABOTA 娜 柏 塔 肉 毒 特 色 feature

肉毒桿菌素通常分為A型~H型8 種,A 型為肉毒桿菌素應用最為廣泛,通常組成為核心毒素150kDa(Light chain + Heavy chain)加上外包蛋白 700kDa。

《NABOTA娜柏塔彩肉毒》是從細菌的分泌物經專利HI-PURE™技術純化萃取的天然蛋白質,因製成的高純度 900kDa 含量可達到>98%,幾乎不含其它雜質,因此更能確保產品優異品質及完整發揮作用。

《NABOTA娜柏塔彩肉毒》擁有超過 2000 位大量的臨床案例,於不同國家不同人種,耗時研究而成,術後病患滿意度更是高達90%以上,因為成分安全、效果顯著,更是亞洲肉毒指標品牌,近期在台灣市場更是炙手可熱。

Botulinum toxin is usually divided into 8 types from A to H. Type A is the most widely used botulinum toxin, and it usually consists of a core toxin of 150kDa (Light chain + Heavy chain) plus an outer protein of 700kDa.

“NABOTA” is a natural protein purified and extracted from bacterial secretions through the patented HI-PURE™ technology. Because the high-purity 900kDa content can reach >98%, it contains almost no other impurities, so it can better ensure the product’s excellent quality and Fully functional.

“NABOTA” has a large number of clinical cases of more than 2,000 people from different countries and races. It was developed through time-consuming research, and the postoperative patient satisfaction rate is as high as 90%. Because the ingredients are safe and the effect is significant, it is Asian botulinum toxin The index brand has become even more popular in the Taiwan market recently.